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It was avesome.
And I must say, water girl was kind of cute, I wonder what would happen to water girl and fire boy if it was not for that giant crushing machine.

Realy cool

Wow, it was realy good, and in here Vile put some good fight again Zero.

And very nice work with guards guarding zelda, also soldiers and base defense in maveric hunter base.
I not like when only villans have army and heros not, so thanks for that.

Not nice

Animacions were very good, there was alot of action, and thanks this you got huge score, however not for me.
Showing all characters so weak and phatetic is somethink what I not like in your movie.
All others gove you high score so do not mind that I give you low score.

Short-Factor responds:

Shitforbrains. Your score shouldn't be so drastically swayed by your biased dislike of the premise.
Its a collab and the entire point was that everyone is puny compared to Ness's random onslaught of destruction. You scored it 4 because you didn't like that. No other reason at all. You shouldn't have even bothered to review it then.

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Great demo

Without the fact that Zero sink in water, Flying Phanteons not attack, and some grammar errors ( I do many as well ), everythink was great.

I realy not understand why this game is so low popular and have so low points, it is good game.

MasterMarioMX responds:

probably it might be a kind of a underdog, it has good review score but below average score, well, people does think diferent


This game is very short, there is alot alot games better than this, and still thoses games have lover score and popularity.
It is unfair.

Cool game

Begining was not nice ( they could just ask for permision to leave cat village insted of killing tham, after all they healed main characters ), but everythink else was perfect, and all animacions are impresive, also everythink drawed in this game is so realistic, how sad it end so fast.
Not can wait for next part of game.

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