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Great demo

Without the fact that Zero sink in water, Flying Phanteons not attack, and some grammar errors ( I do many as well ), everythink was great.

I realy not understand why this game is so low popular and have so low points, it is good game.

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MasterMarioMX responds:

probably it might be a kind of a underdog, it has good review score but below average score, well, people does think diferent


This game is very short, there is alot alot games better than this, and still thoses games have lover score and popularity.
It is unfair.

Cool game

Begining was not nice ( they could just ask for permision to leave cat village insted of killing tham, after all they healed main characters ), but everythink else was perfect, and all animacions are impresive, also everythink drawed in this game is so realistic, how sad it end so fast.
Not can wait for next part of game.

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It is realy impresive, there is alot of cool options, I just started to play in it, so soon I will see what adventure you created for us.


It is nice and clear tutorial, but what will happen if you will copy ground many times, or make more complicated ground, or if you want make many characters ( for example enemys ), work with character and ground,
When I make gravitacion work and ground work, if I will copy ground, copy will not work ?

Realy fun strategy game

I realy enjoyed playing this game, it have nice storyline, alot of units, I passed it in hard mode.
There is not enjoy missions, I think mission editor could be realy good idea so player will be able to make his own missions.
I not can wait to part 2.
And residentspoof idea for fighting after you attack sounds good but will be probably hard, I m shour that units you are usings are small dyvisions, so in cut scene when tank will attack soldier, in cut scene there should be tanks and transporters attacking alot soldiers.

But I not know why I m unable to play in this game now on every sides, game is just not downloading, just black screen, I wonder do only I have this problem ?

It was cool and realistic game

I can say it:
- Alot of diference characters with diference fighting animacions.
- Interesting story line,
- alot dialoges,
- realy advanced RPG system,
- Alot of skills.

I realy enjoy this game, but I found that there is game sonny 2 and I wonder why did not you put it in newground yet ?

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Realy realistic game

This game is done well, with alot of details. Congratulacion.

After all this game is not realy hard.
The secound time I played, I destroyed earch easy, because attacks on base was to easy to stop, anyway, do only way to end game is destroy world, or I can councer it without destroying ?

Nice music

I played in this game long time ago, but now I would like to ask, what is the name of music what is going on after enemy boss is using his full potencial, this same music was in Megaman X 8, I realy like it but I not know the name, can you tell me name of this music or side where I can easy download it.

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I got many usefull info, even if I m going to make RPG than info in here are still usefull, anyway in tutorial where you was trying to teach us how to make safe button, I added

var savefile = SharedObject.getLocal("gamename");
_root.lvl = savefile.data.lvl;
if (savefile.data.lvl == undefined){
_root.lvl = 1;

to first frame ( where is pre loader )


on (release) {
savefile.data.lvl = _root.lvl;

to safe button, I saw that after safing, ever if I close game and open it again, I get highter number in dynamic text with lvl variable name.
But I still not understant how to make load button and thanks this get back all dynamic text numbers and every other info where is player, I realy not understant how to make it.

ActionSick responds:

basically, the load button is what would be on the first frame, this is basically for an auto load.

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