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Super Megaman Bros DEMO Super Megaman Bros DEMO

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great demo

Without the fact that Zero sink in water, Flying Phanteons not attack, and some grammar errors ( I do many as well ), everythink was great.

I realy not understand why this game is so low popular and have so low points, it is good game.

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MasterMarioMX responds:

probably it might be a kind of a underdog, it has good review score but below average score, well, people does think diferent

Platformer Tutorial AS2 Platformer Tutorial AS2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I got many usefull info, even if I m going to make RPG than info in here are still usefull, anyway in tutorial where you was trying to teach us how to make safe button, I added

var savefile = SharedObject.getLocal("gamename");
_root.lvl =;
if ( == undefined){
_root.lvl = 1;

to first frame ( where is pre loader )


on (release) {
_root.lvl++ = _root.lvl;

to safe button, I saw that after safing, ever if I close game and open it again, I get highter number in dynamic text with lvl variable name.
But I still not understant how to make load button and thanks this get back all dynamic text numbers and every other info where is player, I realy not understant how to make it.

ActionSick responds:

basically, the load button is what would be on the first frame, this is basically for an auto load.

Detailed RPG Tutorial Detailed RPG Tutorial

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I have question

I have question, when you was saying draw Hp bar and take it to movieclip and give it variable name hp, that tell me, how I can add variable name to movieclips ?

I can add variable name to dynamic text but not to movieclips, in beginning everythink was clear but with Hp, mp and xp bar I have trouble,
looks like dynamic texts are easter than bars.

Hoeloe responds:

Go to properties and look at the left side. There is a box that says:
<Instance Name>

Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep6 Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Realy advanced

Every next part was more advanced than last one, it was so long time ago that I thought that part 6 will never show up, but I can say that the efect is avesome,
actor voice, perfect fighting animacion scenes, so many options in battle and realy carefull details, it was profesional like normal game maked by army of experts,
The only problem is that space limit for games in newground is low, but as a 13,8 MB this game is realy advanced, it will be realy realy hard to make it any more advanced, or you will make it more advanced but it will take even 2 years, lets say it is hard to wait so much time ever for somethink cool like this game.

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BlackDevilX responds:

Thanks dude!

MegaMan Bros (EP1) MegaMan Bros (EP1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is strange

This is strange, why episode one is having 13,026 views and ep.2 only 5673,
I know that ep.1 is longer but why there is so much diferences ?
Well, I do not have idea.

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MasterMarioMX responds:

maybe beacuse there are people that only sees the frist one and they don't look at the other, and for the fact that the frist one was 5 months older than the second?

Roll Next - The Game Roll Next - The Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Realy good game

This is realy good game, you gove to Roll chance to fight and you maked some others characters, shop and other secrets are making this game better, somethink like platform and RPG game.
Realy good work

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maelstormm responds:


Megaman Bros X (EP2) Megaman Bros X (EP2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Perfect game and great idea

This was great game, I played in first episode and this was a great continuacion, I like Zero and Mario and game with this two characters was good idea for me and for many who playing in this game.
Keep going, make another part, you said that you will make another episode about this game and you thing about boss, I will give you some proposition, you know that copy of X was Zero enemy, you can take him to game but he should be a good character ( like in game Zero alpha ), if you want make some new enemy ( in me opinion Vile Clones are the best ) they are fast, strong, hard, they can fly and they can hit many foe in one shout, you can watch them in this video
" MEGAMAN X OLB CH.1 ", if you want take more characters to game, Kirby or Solid Snake are good choise.
I will be happy if you will make a some normal characters who can talk and help, like toads form mario or humans resistance like in Megaman Zero,
This are me propositions about boss:
- Nuclear Vile ( better and stronger version of Vile )
- F 16 ( realy fast fly fighter ) - this one was only joke
- Battle ship ( like in free lancer game ) - another joke, sorry
- Asteroidbot ( he lock like asteroid but he can attack Samus space ship )
- X-bot master ( he lock like X-bot but he can use electricity to attack and to repeir X-bots on the battelfield ) his next form is nucleat X-bot ( he can make a electric bubble to close enemy in trap or to repeir vile clones on battlefild.
- The leader of the boss can be a dark master who is on the dark side on the moon, ( he can hide in dark and he can change to anyone boss what zero and mario destroyed ) in other form he will change to Ciel ( Zero best friend ) and princess ( Mario best friend ) to give mario and Zero suprice attack or he can become his Special machine ( gate ) and he will can use gate to transport X-bots, vile clones, kopas, to fight with Mario and Zero.

In this episode Dark master is using a special gate to transport many strong boss and fighters from Zero, Mario, Samus world and ( what only you want ) to make unstoped army and to become more stronger thanks absorbing boss ability and thanks this take control on Zero, Mario and Samus world ( someghting like this ).
Copy of X ( leader of Neo Arcadia and Resistance base will go to find and safe Zero from any trouble ( humans soldier and toads on Yoshis who will go with copy of X will die in fight with Vile clones ) one of X guardians like leviatan or someone else will losse when he/she protected Samus ship when Zero, Copy of X, Mario and Samus will fly to moon to stop dark master.
When Zero and Mario and someone else ( I do not know ) will go enter dark master room than they will see how dark master is destroyding X and X will tell about gate before he die ( or with out power will go to sleep ) and than finnal battle will begin. When the battel will come to end and Dark master will losse then humans, soldiers, toads, yoshis and someone else will make party for peace or piece (I do not know).

This are me proposition for next part of this realy good game, I know that this is much and this will be hard to do this.
In me opinion this propositions are great to next part of your game and I will be happy if you will use some of me proposition, but I m shour that if you will not use me propositions, game what you will make will be good and will be better of last part.

Good lock.

This review is insanely well received!
MasterMarioMX responds:

thanks 4 the support man!!!... well...
since im out of fresh ideas... maybe some of your suggest will be taken... but... for me the story is just the dessert... what people likes..before the story(i think) is..the gameplay.. and since the engine will be diferent form the others.. ill will take some time...maybe whit surprises at hand. XD and yep, expect customizable controls.. this is a easy implement. but DONT expect them at the others two. its hard whit that engine. thanks again for the support and hope you all liked this and the other sub!!